About Us

Since our establishment we have been able to provide the best quality truffles to our costumers from all over the world. Gold Istra tartufi served the global cuisine with the best quality fresh truffles on the market, constantly focusing on the demands of our customers, who wish to be supplied with good quality fresh truffles  in a longer season, and with new delicacy species, that were unknown in the culinary industry.

We are a team committed to respecting this spectacular gift of nature by gathering it in a sensible manner, without disrupting the delicate balance of the forests ecosystem.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the best products, in the time frame required by their evolving needs.

At present, we are commercializing a wide variety of fresh truffles, beginning with the month of january, till the end in December.

Gold Istra tartufi is proud to continuously offer its services to former distinguished customers, and is open to fulfill the demands of newly interested parties, with the highest quality of products and fast shipping worldwide. If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

We think differently so we act differently.

Gold Istra – Quality Fresh Truffles As A Priority

Our priority isn’t the price, but the high standards of the producers.

These people respect the treasures of our land giving the appropriate love and care to their products. We cooperate with small suppliers who have limited quantities and we can control production from the first to the last step, until it is delivered to you.

At the same time we can offer a wide range of Truffle specialities: sauces, creams, oils and many others, all prepared following the traditional handicraft manners but with the modern techniques of maintenance, to always guarantee absolute freshness and quality

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